A Guide About KuCoin Spot Light

A Guide About KuCoin Spot Light

KuCoin Spot Light is a Crypto trading platform that offers users to get spotlights on their profiles. It is a unique feature that allows you to have your Spotlight and make your ratings grow. You can also see who has the most lights and the lowest ratings in the spotlights section of their profile.

You can join KuCoin Spot Light by signing up for an account on their website or app. It is simple you must sign in using your email address, then click on The “Log In” option. When there, you will be approached to enter your password before proceeding with the rest of the process.

Everything You Need To Know

KuCoin Spot Light is a spot trading feature that allows you to trade on KuCoin. With Spot Light and Bitcoin mining pool, you can buy and sell digital assets in the same time frame as your order book moves.

The Spot Light feature is available for users who have such a license. You can use the service only with cryptocurrency assets available on KuCoin, which are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), NEO (NEO), Qtum (QTUM), USDT, LTC, and BCH.

You will be charged 0.1% per trade on your deposit amount. The minimum deposit amount is USD 10, and the maximum is USD 50 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions On Kucoin Spotlight Subscription

  1. How might I partake? How does the configuration function?

Stage 1: Prepare your KCS

Your last designation of the new is not entirely settled concerning your typical day-to-day KCS possessions during the membership time frame. KuCoin will take a depiction of every member’s KCS possessions once every day. Members with a typical holding of around 100 KCS or more will be equipped for the Spotlight.

Stage 2: Subscribe

Complete the standards for capability, then click ‘Take an interest Now’ to join the Spotlight;

Stage 3: Commit your KCS

Guarantee you have something like 10 KCS in your KuCoin Trading Account before the derivation period;

Stage 4: KCS is deducted for Spotlight tokens

We will ascertain every client’s symbolic distribution when the Spotlight membership period is finished. A part of the KCS in your Trading Account will be deducted for the Spotlight tokens.

  1. KCS Holdings Calculation Mechanism

The offers got by the certified clients (Users should meet the base normal KCS property):

(Client’s KCS possessions/Total KCS property of all members) * Total Spotlight Allocation

  1. Will my last assignment of the Spotlight not be set in stone when I click ‘Take part Now’?

Your last assignment of the Spotlight token is not set in stone when you click ‘Take part Now’ on the Spotlight greeting page. It will be resolved simply by your normal KCS property (from the holding depictions) during the membership time frame.

Nonetheless, kindly guarantee you click ‘Take part Now’ to join the Spotlight effectively inside the membership period. Alternatively, we can not gather your everyday KCS possessions and compute your Spotlight token allotment.’


KuCoin, a crypto exchange, and trading platform are currently the largest in China. The company has been operating for almost two years and has expanded to over 40 countries. KuCoin is not just another exchange; it offers an extensive range of services and products.

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