APT Medical’s Innovative Impact on Peripheral Intervention

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, peripheral Intervention stands at the forefront of innovation. APT Medical, a trailblazer in medical device manufacturing, has significantly shaped the field with its cutting-edge solutions. One standout product in their portfolio is the Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set, showcasing APT Medical’s commitment to excellence in peripheral intervention.

APT Medical’s Pioneering Solutions

Under the umbrella of peripheral intervention, APT Medical offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, with the Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set leading the way. This innovative device is designed for transjugular intrahepatic puncture of the hepatic portal vein, playing a crucial role in portal venous intrahepatic shunt surgery to alleviate portal vein pressure.

Exceptional Features of the Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set

The Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set boasts optimal lubricity, easing insertion with a hydrophilic coating on the distal sheath. Its improved stiffness, thanks to the trocar stylet, enhances puncture efficiency. The segmented design of the stiffening cannula strikes a balance between flexibility and support, providing superior support proximally while ensuring an easily shapeable tip distally.

Global Healthcare Empowerment

APT Medical’s commitment to enhancing global healthcare is evident through products like the Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set. By addressing clinical needs and delivering innovations rooted in patient care, APT Medical empowers healthcare professionals worldwide. The Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set exemplifies APT Medical’s dedication to offering high-quality solutions for optimized patient treatment.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s influence on peripheral intervention is undeniably transformative. The Braidin™ TIPS Transjugular Liver Access Set, with its exceptional features, is a testament to APT Medical’s commitment to excellence. Healthcare professionals seeking cutting-edge solutions for peripheral intervention can confidently turn to APT Medical for innovative and reliable products.


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