Broad Far: The New Heated Tobacco Company

The world of tobacco has been in a state of rapid change for the past decade. This article will focus on one new company that has come to the fore as a major player in this industry – Broad Far.

The Birth of Broad Far

In 2018, a new tobacco company was born. Broad Far is an affiliate company of a Hong Kong-based publicly traded corporation, supplies heat tobacco sticks to major tobacco markets across the world.

The beginning of Broad Far’s history can be found in the production of reconstituted tobacco sheets for major tobacco producers all over the world. Broad Far changed over time from being an RTS supplier to a producer of heat tobacco sticks.

The Development of Broad Far

Their mission is to support the dominant trend in the tobacco industry, which is a move from combustion cigarettes to heated tobacco products as a result of smokers’ awareness of health risks. To achieve this, they invest in research and development to explore more possibilities of novel tobacco products.

So far, their efforts have been very successful. In a few years, they have managed to grow their business significantly, and one of the fruits is NUSO tobacco products, which are now available in over 30 countries around the world. Thanks to their innovative approach, they are quickly gaining market share and are poised to become one of the leading players in the global tobacco industry.

The Future of Broad Far

To enhance the quality of its heated tobacco products, Broad Far is always researching innovative manufacturing techniques. Broad Far will continue to make investments in its R&D in the following years to create high-end tobacco products with a variety of tastes to improve the scent in current and prospective product portfolios.

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