Here's What We Know About the Unnamed Universe Expansion

Here’s What We Know About the Unnamed Universe Expansion (No Spoilers!)

The Unnamed Universe has quickly been picking up steam in the comic book world. Brainstormed and created by writer Geoff Johns with many skilled artists, the Unnamed Universe centers around a destructive war and has become one of the most interesting and exciting new series in recent memory. Understanding this universe will give fans like you more insight into what this book brings to the comic world.

What is the Unnamed Universe?

The Unnamed Universe is a new comic concept created by Johns that is based around a war that destroyed civilization and left people huddled underground to avoid nuclear waste and radiation. The Unnamed War was many years before the events in Geiger, the first comic exploring this universe.

Geiger centers on the title character, a man exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Instead of dying, he mutates and becomes immune to radioactivity. This new protection gives him the ability to travel outside the underground bunker for the first time and into a forever-changed America.

As Geiger travels around the war-torn landscape, he meets new characters and has multiple adventures in exciting ways. The almost immediate success of this comic has inspired Johns to add to the Unnamed Universe and showcase a whole new aspect of the Unnamed War and comment on American history in a fun and enlightening way.

How Is It Expanding?

The Geiger universe started with the Geiger comic and a fascinating and engaging character. However, Johns has plans to expand it in many bold ways. These plans were recently discussed with his Unnamed Universe Timeline, a brief outlining of various events and characters in the universe.

One of the first events in this timeline takes place during the American Revolutionary War. It is here that Johns has the event “The RedCoat Becomes Immortal.” The RedCoat is a soldier who survives long into American history and fights in every major war along the way, including the Unnamed War.

Besides this character, Johns also listed another fascinating entry in the 1970s: “Junkyard Joe Comes Online.” This unique character is a robotic warrior programmed for peace and the American Way. In a sense, he is a bit of a parody of Cold War superheroes the mentality common to some people at the time.

By adding a bit more depth to his series, Johns is giving himself room to comment on various aspects of American history. For example, The RedCoat could discuss various events that he experienced, while Junkyard Joe could provide a fun and meaningful parody of American Pride that Geiger, with his more realistic perspective, could counter.

Tracking These Events

The potential for more Unnamed Universe comics brings an exciting sense of anticipation to the indie world. Johns’ reputation and expertise bring even more legitimacy to this owner-controlled and operated comic series. Paying attention to these many books and characters is important because buying and discussing these books will bring them more attention and help them thrive.

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