How Should I Clean My Residential Air Source Heat Pump?

How Should I Clean My Residential Air Source Heat Pump?

The summer cold season is ended in late summer or early autumn. As the heating season approaches, the residential air source heat pump goes to rest. So, what kind of cleaning and maintenance should be done on the air source heat pump during this time?

How to Clean a residential air source heat pump?

  1. Pipeline filter cleaning

The Y-type filter on the pipeline must first be removed and the impurities on the filter screen must be rinsed in the filter, and then the filter must be reinstalled.

  1. Partial cleaning of the evaporator

The evaporator is first evenly sprayed with a mixture of the special heat pump fin cleaning chemical and water for 5 to 10 minutes. A high-pressure water spray gun is used to rinse the evaporator once the impurities on it have been removed.

  1. Condenser (replacement) cleaning

The cleaning agent made of citric acid should first be mixed in equal parts with water. For circulating cleaning, use a water pump, a cleaning solution made of citric acid, and a new condenser. Cycle for a specified period of time to bleed. After that, complete a cycle washing using tap water and a condenser (sleeve exchange). To pump the tap water, cycle for 5 to 10 minutes. Bathe 2-4 times more frequently with tap water.


Apart from cleaning the residential air source heat pump, the maintenance of it is also important. Please visit if you want to have a further study. Besides, you can buy one of high quality there if you like!

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