How to Assemble a Metal Cabinet

A metal cabinet can be a valuable investment, allowing you to safely and securely store items in your workspace or home environment and reduce the risk of loss or damage to expensive belongings.

Many metal cabinets must be assembled before they can be installed in your workspace. By understanding how to assemble a metal cabinet, you can ensure that you construct your cabinet as securely and sturdily as possible. This can help it to stand the test of time and continue to support your organisational needs for longer.

How do you assemble a metal cabinet quickly and easily? Keep these things in mind as you get started.

Clear your space

First, you’ll need to clear a working environment where you plan to assemble your cabinet. By maintaining a clear space, you can ensure that you have plenty of room to construct your cabinet without risking hazards that could lead to injury or damage to your metal cabinet.

Determine how large your metal cabinet will be when it is constructed, and clear space accordingly to allow enough room for all parts and for you to work on the construction process. This way, you won’t need to move half-assembled items before the job is done.

It is best to work on a flat surface. It can be helpful to choose a slightly raised surface so that you can easily see all parts without bending down and putting pressure on your back.

Attach sides

Next, you’ll need to attach the sides of your metal cabinet. Depending on the construction of your cabinet, this may involve using slots and tabs or using fasteners, such as screws and bolts. Refer to your instruction manual for this information.

When building your cabinet, ensure that both sides are facing the right way and that they align well with no gaps, blemishes, or aesthetic differences. This way, you can be sure that you are constructing your cabinet correctly.

When you are sure you have the right tools and pieces, work with tabs and fasteners as required to secure the sides of your cabinet in place. Ensure that your cabinet is as sturdy as possible to withstand the weight and support your storage needs.

Fit doors

After this, it is time to fit the doors of your metal cabinet. Doors should be clearly labelled so that you know how to place them, so they are the right way up and facing in the correct direction. Ensure that you refer to your instructions before you secure them.

Before fitting doors, stand your metal cabinet upright on a level surface and adjust fasteners so that the cabinet is squared. When your cabinet is sturdy and squared, remove the door with the handle cut out and align the hinge pins with a companion hinge.

You can repeat this process for the left or apply fasteners to secure hinges in place. Make sure that the cabinet is sturdy before moving on.

Secure cabinet

Finally, you’ll need to add final pieces to complete your metal cabinet. Attach handles if required, and place drawers and shelves as needed.

Revisit all the fasteners you have placed in your cabinet to ensure they are as tight and secure as possible. I Adjust locks as needed and place shelf height to your specific requirements.

When your cabinet is complete, you can place it in your workspace and use it to store items.

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