How to optimize YouTube channel for better rankings

How to optimize YouTube channel for better rankings

In the good old days, subscribers really mattered, because when a user opened YouTube, only videos from subscribers were displayed to him, but now it’s not the subscription section that opens, but the main page, which displays recommendations from those you are not even subscribed to.

From the moment YouTube introduced this innovation, the engagement of the platform has increased dramatically. Many years have passed, and one day bloggers again demanded to return the power of subscribers, YouTube engineers thought such types, maybe we really did it in vain, as an experiment on a small group of people they tried to return everything back to how it was.

But as soon as they did this, engagement on the platform dropped sharply again. Because people subscribe to things they don’t even like.

Therefore, in no case should you lure people to subscribe. Because these people that you persuaded, they’re not really interested in your content, they basically signed up on auto-pilot, like bots. They really look like bots, although they are real people. They are already subscribed to 200-300 channels.

And you think they will watch you? Of course not! Only the first time may still be. And when you post your next new video, they won’t watch it! They won’t even open it, they’ll ignore it. Because they are not interested.

They have even forgotten about you. Because you forced them to sign. That’s you should not beg for subscribers. On opposite – you need to buy YouTube views PayPal and other payment options integrated.

It’s best not to ask people to subscribe. Then only super loyal fans will subscribe. For whom you are really important! And these subscribers will stubbornly click all your next videos and watch them until the very end! CTR and retention will skyrocket and youtube will ship you more impressions than you ever dreamed possible.

Remember, the quality of your audience matters! This especially affects the start of promotion of the YouTube channel. In general, some experts want YouTube to introduce a ban on subscriptions in the literal sense of the word. They want to have an option in the channel admin panel in the settings that would prohibit all those who already have so many subscriptions from subscribing to the channel. That is, for example, if I set a limit of 35 subscriptions, then you will not be able to subscribe if you already have 36 subscriptions.

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