Learn about 3 pins in detail at New88 for new players

What are 3 claws? This is one of the popular methods in playing lottery today. Although it has a low winning rate, it brings a high win rate. Let’s explore the details below to better understand the 3 claws and how to play them with New88 today!

New88 is a platform that provides detailed information about 3 slots

Introducing what the 3 claws are in detail

3-card XSMB is a very popular betting method today. Different from playing traditional lottery, lottery 3 requires players to rely on the special prize of the lottery, but instead of using the last 2 numbers of the NE prize, players will use the last 3 numbers.

Players can choose a number from 000 to 999. The winning rate is 1/1000, quite low but still attracts many players because of the attractive reward rate of online lottery.

There are many ways to play 3-card lottery, including:

  • Based on the last 3 numbers of the 7th prize according to the South – Central region.
  • Use the first 3 numbers of the special prize.
  • Choose the 3 middle numbers in the special prize.
  • Based on lottery number 5 of the Northern lottery.
  • Use the form of betting in 18 lots of Central lottery and 27 lots of Northern lottery.

What is the secret to attracting 3-digit numbers?

Introducing what the 3 claws are in detail

Why does playing 3-card attract so many people? Because not only about attractive rewards, but also about other benefits that this form brings to players. This has caused many people in the lottery community to choose to play this type of game. Let’s find out why you should try playing 3-card lottery:

What is the attraction of lot 3? Playing match 3 helps players develop their thinking, analytical and calculating abilities in lottery. This format can stimulate the interest of all participants.

  • This is a simple type but has a low winning rate. This creates a sense of challenge for players and makes them feel interesting when participating.

Answer: How much money does the 3rd lot win?

Many players are interested in information about how much bonus 3-card lottery can bring. Understanding the payout ratio will help players manage their finances in the most reasonable way. Let’s discover what the odds of winning the 3-card lottery are.

The three-digit lottery generally has a fairly simple calculation

How much money does the lottery win?

With 3-card hand, the probability of winning is considered many times more difficult than with 2-card. According to assessments, the winning rate is only about 1/1000, which is 0.001%. Although this rate is very low, it is still attractive because when the winning number is announced, players feel like they are blinking into millionaires.

TMoney in traditional lottery

In the traditional calculation of 3 claws, the reward rate is also quite high. With a payout ratio of about 1:400 and the player’s arbitrary capital, for example, if you bet 10 thousand on three-card play, the reward will be 4,000,000 VND.

Calculated at bookmakers

When playing 3-cards at online bookies, the winning rate can bring large rewards. With the lowest bet of 1000 VND for 1 point, if you bet 100 thousand 3-cards, you can earn 96,000,000 VND.

Similar to 3-card lottery, playing 3-card lottery at bookmakers brings much more attractive payout rates. Most of the bookmakers that players participate in today offer payout rates from 1:700 to 1:980. The fixed bet price that players must pay is 27,000 VND for 1 point for XSMB spinning station, and about 17,000 VND for XSMB and XSMT.
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How to play 3 pins correctly?

Lot 3 has more calculationsingle simple and easy to understand

This is a question that many lottery players are always looking for an answer to, hoping to increase their chances of winning. Below are some methods that players can refer to to play 3 pins most effectively:

  • Using lottery numbers to find potential 3-digit numbers: This method is very popular because of its ease of application and ability to bring good results. Players can choose to match the lottery according to the day of the week or day to find a potential 3-digit number.
  • Play 3 pins based on the ball of the total: This method is quite simple and effective. Players just need to add the total of the two selected white cards together to create a 3-card number. If the total is greater than 10, you can add it again to get a single-digit total.
  • Using special prize and 7th prize: Players can use the numbers from the previous day’s 7th prize to create the last 2 numbers of the 3-digit number for the next day. It is also possible to use the numbers from that day’s special prize to create lucky numbers for the 3-digits.
  • Playing 3 claws based on dream decoding: This method is based on decoding dreams into corresponding numbers to play 3 claws. Despite its high risk nature, it is still the choice of some players because of its creativity and flexibility.


Thus, New88 has explained in detail what 3 pins are for new players. Hopefully our sharing has helped you somewhat.

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