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Football odds is a set of different odds offered by the bookmaker before the match. It helps bettors have more different betting options for each possible outcome, giving them a chance to win big with their knowledge and experience. Let’s explore information and how to participate in football betting at New88.
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Concept of soccer betting

Football oddsis the common name of betting forms applied in any match. It has different regulations on winning odds, payout levels, and different events in a match. This opens up more options for bettors when participating in soccer betting at online bookmakers today.

Each football bet will have different regulations on how to calculate rewards and wins, so you also need to clearly understand how to read and calculate money for each type of bet today. Along with that, there are methods of predicting results that help bettors have a chance to win big as well as make smart money when participating in soccer betting.

The most common soccer bets

In the soccer betting market, there are many different types of bets for you to bet on and participate in exciting soccer matches. Below, are some soccer betsThe most common bets that players often encounter at bookmakers today:


Handicap, also known as Asian handicap, is one of the most popular types of ball odds today. In this bet, the two teams will have their strength evaluated by experts before the match to divide the handicap team and the handicap team will be marked with “+” and “-“. Handicap helps equalize the chances of winning between two teams when a stronger team faces a weaker team.

European odds

European handicap, also known as 1X2 handicap, is one of the types Football oddsSuitable for even new players with simple gameplay. You bet on the home team to win (1), the match to end in a draw (X) or the away team to win (2). European odds are often used to predict the final result of the match, so bettors can bet on multiple odds at the same time.

Over/under odds

Over/under bets refer to the total number of goals scored in a match. The player will bet on whether the total number of goals will be greater (Over) or less (Under) based on the level given by the house before the match. Besides the whole match, many bookmakers also offer over/under bets for 1 round or extra time for you to freely choose.

Corner kick bet

Corners betting on the number of corners that will be taken in a match. Bettors can bet on whether the match will have fewer corners (lower) or more corners (upper). Besides, soccer betsThis also applies the total corner kick or the last par number in a half or the whole match with extremely high payout rates.

Bet on penalty cards

Penalty card odds refer to the number of penalty cards given to players by the referee during the match. This is a popular type of bet, especially in important and exciting matches. You can bet on penalty cards with Over/Under or which team will have more penalty cards in a half or the whole match. To accurately predict card odds, you need to study the latest gameplay or statistics.

Score bet

Score betting allows you to predict the exact score of a match. There are often many different odds options to bet on such as the first half score or the whole match. This makes the score bet a type soccer bets interesting, especially the payout is very high because it will be harder to predict than other odds.

How to participate in betting at reputable bookmaker New88

To participate in soccer betting at the New88 betting website, you just need to follow the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: First, bettors need to visit New88’s official website and create an official account for themselves.
  • Step 2: After your account is successful, access the “Deposit” feature then deposit the amount you desire according to the default deposit methods available.
  • Step 3: Once there is money in the account, members need to find and click on “Sports” then select “Soccer”.
  • Step 4: Bet players find a match that has been provided with odds by the bookmaker and then choosesoccer bets same corresponding amount
  • Step 5: Review the betting information to make sure it is all correct. Then, click the “Bet” button and wait for the result of the match.


Thus, the above article has provided detailed information for readers about these types soccer bets most popular today. Along with that are instructions on the steps to participate in betting at bookmaker New88 – one of the reputable soccer betting websites with a constantly updated number of bets and attractive payout rates.


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