Techking: Pioneering Off Road Truck Tire Advancements

Techking, a trailblazer in the tire industry, continues to push the boundaries of off road truck tire advancements with its remarkable product, the SUPER ETOT(TT). This article delves into the tire’s groundbreaking features and the advantages that set it apart in the world of off road driving.

Meet the Pioneer

The SUPER ETOT(TT) is a testament to Techking’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Its advanced design, featuring a high saturation pattern and a reinforced wear-proof compound, delivers unmatched performance in off road conditions, ensuring exceptional traction and durability.

Cooler Running, Longer Lifespan

In the challenging off road environment, excessive heat can compromise tire performance. Techking’s solution is the low heat generation compound found in the SUPER ETOT(TT). This innovative feature not only keeps the tire cool but also extends its lifespan, providing a reliable and cost-effective option for customers in off road applications.

The Economics of Sustainability through Retreading

Techking values sustainability. The SUPER ETOT(TT) is engineered for multiple retreads, making it an environmentally responsible and cost-efficient choice. It aligns with Techking’s vision of offering quality products with a long-term perspective.


Techking Tires continues to lead the industry in off road tire advancements with the SUPER ETOT(TT). Its advanced design, low heat generation compound, and commitment to sustainability make it the ultimate choice for those who seek superior performance and longevity in off road applications.


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