The Future of Dental Prosthetics with De Corematrix Zirconia Disks


With its cutting-edge zirconia disk solutions, De Corematrix is setting the standard in dental prosthesis. These innovative zirconia disks are shaping the future of dentistry, offering new possibilities for dental clinics, dental professionals, denture production companies, and so on.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Patient Satisfaction:

With De Corematrix zirconia disks, achieving beautiful and natural-looking dental restorations has never been easier. These sophisticated materials employed in these disks give exceptional aesthetics, allowing patients to regain confidence in their smiles. The high level of patient satisfaction linked with De Corematrix zirconia disks makes them a valuable instrument in modern dentistry.

One of De Corematrix zirconia disks. Decorematrix TT blocks, represents the highest level of transparency while maintaining reliable strength. This white zirconia disk is an excellent option for producing a white tooth crown that mimics the natural appearance of teeth. These disks’ zirconium crystal substance assures realistic aesthetics and durability, enabling beautiful and long-lasting dental restorations.This white zirconia disk is ideal for single-tooth crowns and 3-unit bridges in the anterior area, as well as veneers. It creates a smooth transition of color from the neck to the incisal end of the white dental crown by applying the company’s proprietary dyeing solution, resulting in a natural and visually beautiful effect.

Precision and Efficiency:

With the goal to guarantee the highest standards in dental ceramic material, De Corematrix built the world’s leading closed-loop quality control system from zirconium powder and innovative process to the completed zirconia dental prosthesis. It can create a range of distinctive products that meet the needs of customers owing to a team that has 28 years of collective experience in production, research, and development. Its holistic strategy ensures perfection at every step, from zirconia powder to the final dental ceramics blocks.


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