The Future of Malaysian Real Estate Is in Forest City Development

The Forest City development in Johor, Malaysia’s Iskandar Special Economic Zone, has ambitious plans to become one of the world’s most cutting-edge megacities. The Country Garden Group and the Malaysian government’s Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd have formed a partnership to create this project, which consists of four artificial islands covering 30 km2.

Towards a Sustainable and High-Tech Urban Area

To create an ideal, idyllic, and technology-driven living and working space ecology, the Forest City development plans to mix the environment, technology, and cutting-edge technology. There has never been a better time to join in on the action than right now, thanks to this breakthrough. The city enjoys a pleasant climate with mild winters, warm summers, and mild autumns. In addition to its lack of automobile traffic, the area’s many picturesque parks make for a relaxing atmosphere perfect for basking in the sun, going for a swim, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. Everything from sustenance and pleasure to employment and pastime is made possible by cutting-edge technological advancements in this vibrant metropolis.

Possibilities in Real Estate

The Forest City development in Malaysia is a rare chance to make money in the property market. Forest City is a great place to buy a home or invest in real estate since it provides residents with a full and linked smart island experience. More than 9,000 new homes have been built in the community, and another 6,500 people are expected to relocate there in the near future. An estimated 700,000 people will call the project home one day, making it a fantastic option for anyone looking to buy property in Malaysia.

An Intelligent Digital Island Adventure

The Forest City development has made a number of community resources easily accessible through the Forest Life App. Readlife, Malaysia’s first cloud-based community digital library, provides residents with entertainment alternatives, while Canbot, Malaysia’s first smart robot service community, is accessible to assist residents with multilingual help and welcome guides. Invisible electric fencing and biometrically-enabled smart doors and elevators are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies used by the city to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. The Forest Life app also provides video intercom communication, door unlocking, alarm triggering, and live streaming of common areas that can all be accessed remotely.


The Forest City development will be among the most forward-thinking and exciting developments of our time. Forest City is a great place to invest in Malaysian real estate thanks to its futuristic design, green infrastructure, and multicultural population. You should put Forest City at the top of your list if you’re looking for a great place to settle down or make a real estate investment.

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