The Top 10 Prominent Water Flosser Industry Leaders From Around the World

A vital tool for preserving good oral health is the water flosser. It is a tool that cleans teeth and gums of plaque and food particles using a stream of water. Water flossers are simple to use and are available online or at most drugstores. This article will list 10 oral irrigator manufacturers.

Describe the water flosser

A water flosser is a dental hygiene tool that uses pressured water to clean teeth and gums of plaque and bacteria. It is a portable device that has a water tank and a tiny pump attached to it. The pressure produced by the pump is utilized to discharge water through a nozzle and onto the teeth and gums. Several water flossers include countertop, battery-operated, and cordless models.

Although there are many various kinds of water flossers available, they all function rather similarly. For example, you must place the tip of a water flosser into your mouth after filling the reservoir with water. You must then activate the appliance and aim the water stream at your teeth and gums. Use water flossers to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. Additionally, they are secure for those who have implants, braces, or other dental appliances.

Market snapshot

According to a recent report by Emergen Research, the size of the global market for water flossers is anticipated to reach USD 1,485.9 Million in 2030 and see an 8.6% revenue CAGR over the projected period. The market for water flossers is expanding primarily due to rising oral hygiene awareness. In addition, the prevalence of dental issues is increasing, and the aging population is another driving market expansion. But during the anticipated term, the market expansion is anticipated to be constrained by the high price of these gadgets.

Top 10 revenue-generating water flosser companies in the world

– Panasonic

– Philips Sonicare

– Procter & Gamble

– Gurin Products LLC.

– Fly Cat Electrical Co.

– Water Pik, Inc.

– Candeon Technologies

– Oral Breeze

– Jetpik

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