Things You Need To Know About Camlock Fittings

Camlock fittings sometimes called Cam and Groove Fittings, are utilized in the medical, chemical, agricultural, and military industries. They are used to transport acid, alkaline, and corrosive compounds but can also transfer irrigation solutions.

Here we’ll discuss Camlock fittings, their types, and their applications.

Camlock Fitting Types

Type A features male and female threads of the same size. The male adaptor fits Type B, C, D, and DC female couplers of the same size.

Type B-female cam coupler with male thread; utilized with Types A, E, F, and DP.

Usually used with Type E adaptors, it can also be used with Type A, F, and DP adaptors of the same size.

Female cam coupler type D: Female Camlock couplings can be used with Type A, E, F, and DP adaptors.

Type E-cam adaptor with hose fitting: Used with Type C, B, D, and DC couplers (of the same size).

Male Camlock adaptor Type F fits Type B, C, D, and DC female couplers.

Type DC-Dust caps for male adaptors seal Type A, E, and F connections.

Type DP – Dust Plugs for female couplers: Used to seal type B, C, and D couplers.

Camlock applications

Camlock fittings have many uses, including:

Since they’re acid-resistant, they’re used in agricultural hose connectors for spraying and irrigation. Chemical companies use them to move chemicals safely. Camlock fittings are used to distribute oil to service stations and households in the petrochemical sector. Since they don’t erode readily and can withstand high pressure, they’re employed in sanitation and home plumbing. Salty water requires brass Camlock fittings. They transmit water securely and quickly in water purification plants.


Camlock fittings resist corrosion and high temperatures, making them ideal for industrial applications. They’re straightforward to use and maintain, so you won’t lock up the agency. Union Metal makes outstanding camlocks.

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