What Are the Applications of Easy Open Ends?

With the invention of peel ends, food packaging has become easier to open and close. These peeled ends make it much easier for you to store food. Canlids, an easy open ends manufacturer, makes such ends. Let’s take a look at the applications of peeling ends and their features!

Application of easy open ends

Peel off end is a food preservation method in which food is processed and sealed in airtight containers such as mason jars, steel cans, and tin cans. The shelf life of canned food is usually one to five years, but maybe longer in some cases. Freeze-dried canned products, such as canned dried lentils, can last up to 30 years in an edible state.

The peel off end is widely used in the packaging of high-safety-grade infant milk powder cans. Nowadays, packaging for meat, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, etc. is gradually used.

Features of easy open ends

  1. Greater sealing force is designed to prevent bending. High-pressure canning safety. FDA compliant and BPA free.
  2. Multi-layer anti-corrosion protection.
  3. Compact structure. The easy-to-remove end has a compact structure to ensure that the product is well preserved. It makes it easier and safer to seal the packaging and helps avoid contaminated products.


Using easy open ends to package food is a great way to ensure that food stays fresh and delicious for longer. This method not only helps protect your food from external factors such as moisture, but it also helps preserve the flavor and texture of your food. If you’re looking for the solution of easy open ends, be sure to check out Canlids’ products.

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