Why People Choose AS PRECISION For CNC Parts Finishing

Why People Choose AS PRECISION For CNC Parts Finishing

This blog article is about an AS PRECISION supplier, the services they provide, and why people choose them for their finishing machining needs.

What is precision CNC parts finishing?

Precision CNC parts finishing is a process where parts are machined to very tight tolerances. The goal is to create parts that are as close to perfect as possible to be used in high-quality products. Precision CNC parts finishing can be used on various parts, from small components to entire machines.

Benefits of precision CNC parts finishing.

  • Higher quality products: Accurately machined parts are more likely to meet customer expectations; they will also last longer and require less maintenance, saving time and money.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs: By reducing the time required to produce parts, manufacturers can reduce overall costs. This leads to lower prices for consumers and increased profits for businesses.
  • Increased efficiency: By considering each part’s precise dimensions, precision CNC parts finishing can help machines run more smoothly. This leads to faster production times, which benefits both businesses and consumers.


AS PRECISION, a CNC precision parts machining factory is the main business unit of AS Innovation Company. They focus on providing various CNC precision parts for global customers, aiming to become one of the best partners for global industrial enterprises, precision metal parts, and CNC machining service suppliers.

AS PRECISION established its first factory in Shenzhen, China, in 2005 for CNC machining services. They provide custom precision parts machining services for the Chinese domestic and global markets. To establish a global manufacturing system, They opened an overseas CNC machining parts factory in Vietnam in 2019, updating their facilities and services for the global market.


AS Precision has been providing precision finishing services for many years, and they have perfected our techniques to provide the highest quality results. They understand that each job is different, so they customize our approach to meet your needs. Their team of experts can provide you with the best possible finish for your CNC parts. They use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to give you the best results possible. They aim to provide you with a finished product that meets your expectations and looks great!

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