Antai Ranked 10th In The World By The Financial Times MBA Program

If you and your family are anxious about your continuing education or career, then you should read this blog. I will introduce you to ACEM, the tenth global MBA program of the Financial Times. ACEM is one of the departments of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Its full name is Antai College of Economics and Management. It is the top MBA for overseas students in China.

So why should you pick ACEM?

  1. To increase students’ market competitiveness, all MBA programs place equal emphasis on the humanistic spirit and cultural legacy in addition to the methods and principles of corporate management. The Antai Master of Business Administration program has organized its curriculum into modules that emphasize the integration of theory and practice.

There are two types of MBA programs offered by Antai: those leading to a degree and those that do not. Mastering the fundamentals of management, economics, and finance is a requirement of many degree programs while acquiring expertise in a variety of management specializations is the focus of many non-degree programs. Additionally, students can tailor their education to their interests and strengths by selecting courses from among a variety of elective modules.

Third, the international MBA program is crucial, as it fosters MBAs with a global perspective and a grounding in the domestic market and is consistent with the posture of “internationalization based on China.” The program’s foundational courses build on those found in any MBA curriculum, focusing instead on topics including the strategic management of MNCs, macroeconomics, and public policy with an emphasis on Chinese thought and practice.

ACEM is a great option for overseas students who want to study at a prestigious institution. If you want to excel in your chosen sector, our IMBA program can provide you with the highly specialized and personalized training you need. Our IMBA program is risk-free since you will have the support of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s seasoned instructors and staff.

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