Integration of LED Displays with IoT Technology: Ledman’s DS Series Ice Screen

Ledman seamlessly integrates with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This integration enables smart and connected settings, opening up new opportunities for improved communication, interactivity, and efficiency. Ledman’s DS series indoor led display screen, with its novel heat-dissipation technology, provides a controlled surface temperature and exceptional performance in a variety of interior applications.

Enhanced Connectivity and Interactivity in Smart Environments

The DS series Ice Screen by Ledman brings IoT technology to the forefront of indoor LED displays, enabling enhanced connectivity and interactivity within smart environments. By integrating with IoT, these displays can communicate with other devices and systems, allowing for real-time data exchange and seamless integration. From interactive wayfinding in malls to dynamic advertising in retail stores, the DS series Ice Screen transforms indoor spaces into intelligent and engaging environments.

Optimal Performance with Heat-Dissipation Technology

One of the key features of the DS series Ice Screen is its heat-dissipation technology. Ledman’s innovative approach to managing heat ensures that the surface temperature of the product remains lower than the body, preventing overheating and optimizing performance. With this technology, the DS series provides reliable and consistent display quality, even in demanding indoor environments where heat management is crucial.


With the integration of IoT technology and Ledman’s DS series Ice Screen, the LED display industry is taking a significant step towards creating smart and connected environments. The DS series enables enhanced connectivity, interactivity, and communication within indoor spaces, revolutionizing the way information is displayed and shared. Furthermore, Ledman’s heat-dissipation technology ensures optimal performance and reliability, making the DS series Ice Screen a valuable choice for a wide range of indoor applications.

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