What Is A Motorized Zoom Lens And How It Works

What Is A Motorized Zoom Lens And How It Works

Do you know what a motorized zoom lens is? If not, then this blog article will be perfect for you!

What is Motorized Zoom Lens?

The Motorized zoom lens allows you to change the lens’s focal length without having to move the camera itself. This is possible because the lens uses a motor to rotate the optics.

A motorized zoom lens can be used for surveillance and security applications, as it can provide a wide-angle view equivalent to a longer focal length lens.This lens is also useful for videography applications and photography where you need to move the camera closer or further from the subject without having to change the focal length physically.

How Does a Motorized Zoom Lens Work?

A motorized zoom lens is a type of lens that helps you to enlarge or decrease the magnification of an image. This type of lens is typically used in surveillance and security applications to allow you to capture closer or wider views of a scene. A motorized zoom lens typically has a wide range of magnification capabilities, letting you adjust the focal length depending on your needs.

One of the Best Motorized Zoom Lens Suppliers: YTOT Lens

YTOT is a professional optical lens manufacturer in China. Focuses on the optical lens’s R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service. Products are mainly used in high-precision optical systems such as surveillance, smart home, industry, automobiles, etc.

The company’s R&D technology center always adheres to independent innovation and masters the industry’s core technology. After years of accumulation, a strong technical R&D team has been formed! YTOT Lens has applied for 328 patents and authorized 306 patents. Their R&D Technology Center won the title of “Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong province。” The company also established joint scientific and technological innovation laboratories and teaching practice cooperation with universities to cultivate optical talents.


A motorized zoom lens is a lens that zooms in and out. This type of lens is often used in surveillance because it allows you to get closer to your subject or to shoot from a distance with greater clarity. If you are looking for a versatile lens that can be used for many different purposes, a motorized zoom lens might be the perfect choice for you.

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