What is the Four Colors Lesson? Highly Effective Play Is Applied

Four colors card game is an extremely familiar game, receiving a lot of attention from everyoneBookmaker  New88SG. This entertainment masterpiece has an interesting experience and simple playing rules. Follow the content of the following article to learn in detail the correct playing process.

What is the Four Colors card?

Four-color cards, also known as four-color cards, often appear in small casinos in the Central and Southern regions of our country. During the game, you will arrange the pieces into valid groups. At the same time, the rookie will proceed to capture the opponent’s new card and discard his other cards.

This masterpiece game originated from China and was imported to Vietnam very early. Previously, players often participated through small, small-scale venues. Currently, to meet the needs of gamers, the house has introduced the four-color game into its entertainment system, bringing an interesting betting experience to you.

Four-color card game with rewards is quite easy to play, but to reach the master level and increase the winning rate, new players need to cultivate many good techniques and experiences. At the same time, if you are lucky enough to own a high-value set of troops, you will easily succeed and earn large profits.

Many new players are curious about the question of how many cards are in a four-color card? When participating in the game, you will see that the game is built with 112 different cards and has 4 distinct colors: red, yellow, blue and white. At the same time, the pieces are also divided according to the four-color card shape and specific ranks include:

  • General
  • Si
  • Statue
  • Car
  • Cannon
  • Code

Terminology in the Vietnamese Four Colors article

This is a super entertainment product with interesting gameplay and many unique features that attract members. Before participating, new players need to understand basic terms to bet effectively and play the game with confidence. As follows:

  • Even: A combination of 2 to 4 identical cards of the same color.
  • Odd: The combination includes the trio of General – Soldier – Bishop or Rook – Cannon – Horse.
  • Junk: Pieces that cannot be combined to form even or odd sets are called junk.
  • Khap: The rookie draws three identical cards for the first time.
  • What is writhing in the four colors card? This is the concept that only players draw four identical cards the first time.

Rules for playing four-color cards online

To start the game, the house staff will divide each participant by 20lquan. During the game, members need to combine their cards to form a beautiful group. From 2 to 4 pieces of the same color and the same will be combined to form a cross. If 3 leaves are together when put together, it is called khap.

For odd cards, players also play similarly to the game Tam Chrysanthemum. At the same time, in the rookie game you can also combine the General – Soldier – Statue, Vehicle – Cannon – Horse sets of the same color together.

Basically, the first player will spend one of their bad cards as a bet. The second person will proceed to combine his piece with the card or take a piece from the suit. In case the second person wins the card, you will take that card and combine it with your cards to continue the game. The process of participating in the game will rotate until someone comes up empty and it ends.

Rules for playing four-color cards

When participating in card games, if you want to capture your opponent’s cards and gain an advantage in the game, you should pay attention to the following important issues. Specifically includes:

Take even or odd pieces

When entering entertainment if you want to eat leaves even of your opponent, you need to drop a trash piece towards the next player. If the player wants to get an odd card, he needs to put down a card that can be combined into an odd suit with the card in his hand.

Abdominal exercises in four colors

This is an extremely important and strict rule that players need to learn carefully while participating in the game. Because, if you make a mistake, you will be withdrawn from the game and cannot participate in the big prize hunt.

When entering the game, you should remember that the cards include: General – Soldier – Soldier – Bishop, the combination of General – Soldier – Bishop – Bishop, or the cards Vehicle – Chariot – Cannon – Horse… So, when you want to To win an odd card, you need to combine it with the cards you have in a suitable way.

Suppose in case you destroy your rook and capture someone else’s rook, you need two more artillery and horse cards to combine into a standard combination. This is considered a wise move so many people choose it. Thanks to that, members will increase their chances of success and master their game most effectively.

In case of waiting to win

Players only wait for the opportunity to win when all of your cards have the perfect combination and there are no more junk cards. This case of waiting to win will be divided into two specific situations as follows:

  • Even cards: When the player has played down all his junk cards, you just need to take your turn or find an opportunity to come up empty.
  • Wait for all the even or odd cards: When the gamer has a full set of even and odd cards, you just need to wait for one more suitable card to win.

Bonus rate in the game

The way to participate in four-color card betting is extremely simple and can be easily grasped by new players. When entering the game, you will base on the game rules and bet level to choose the appropriate form of experience.
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  • New players can choose to play directly at a four-person table and the bonus ratio members receive when winning is 1:3.
  • For levels with only 3 members participating in entertainment, the payout ratio is 1:2.
  • In a game where there are only 2 members participating in betting, the overall winning ratio is 1: 1.

Share good tips, how to play four-color card game to win big

To participate in the game, you need to learn and gain a lot of good experience, specific undefeated betting tips include:

Eat a lot of pieces

During the game, in addition to quickly taking down their own junk cards, members should also take their opponents’ good cards. This is the way to help you complete your cards as quickly as possible and increase your chances of success.

Lure your opponent

You can apply the form of luring cards by understanding psychology and taking down the pieces that your opponent needs. This is a smart playing strategy that many players apply to increase their chances of winning. When you lure your opponent into playing a suitable card, you should take the opportunity to win immediately to own the best deck of cards, increase your chances of success and easily win the game.

Arrange the four-color cards in pairs

You can arrange your beautiful pieces into pairs of the same value to increase the likelihood of success and minimize risk. When the cards combine into beautiful, effective pairs, the winning rate will be higher.

The above content has helped you understand clearly about the extremely interesting national four-color card game.Card game This will create an opportunity for bettors to earn a large source of income, have fun after stressful working days and exchange and learn from many experienced players in the market.

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