Heading: The Versatility of Industrial CFast Cards for Robust Data Storage Solutions

Among the various storage solutions available, industrial CFast cards have emerged as a cutting-edge option. Industrial CFast cards of YANSEN come in different types, including YSCS-XXXS, YSCS-XXX, and YSSCSS5, each with its unique features and advantages. YSCS-XXX: A Cutting-Edge Industrial Storage Solution One of the most advanced types of industrial CFast cards is the YSCS-XXX. This storage solution has been specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial environments. With its compact SATA 24pin form factor, the YSCS-XXX offers a versatile and space-efficient storage solution.

Exceptional Performance and Storage Capacities

The YSCS-XXX CFast card utilizes either MLC or TLC NAND flash memory, ensuring high endurance and reliability. Its exceptional read and write speeds of up to 570/530 MB/s enable efficient data transfer and processing. Moreover, the YSCS-XXX is available in a wide range of storage capacities, spanning from 16GB to an impressive 1TB. This extensive range ensures that the YSCS-XXX can cater to various industrial applications with varying data storage needs.

Adaptability to Harsh Industrial Environments

Industrial environments often expose storage devices to extreme conditions, including temperature fluctuations. The YSCS-XXX is designed to withstand such challenging conditions, offering a working temperature range of 0℃ to 70℃. This ruggedness makes it suitable for deployment in harsh industrial environments where reliability is crucial. Choose YANSEN’s YSCS-XXX for Reliable Performance When it comes to industrial storage needs, YANSEN’s YSCS-XXX CFast card stands out as a reliable and long-lasting solution. The combination of its compact form factor, exceptional read and write speeds, and great storage capacities makes it an ideal choice for industrial applications. With YANSEN’s YSCS-XXX, industrial professionals can trust that their critical data will be securely stored and readily accessible when needed.


Industrial CFast cards provide robust and efficient storage solutions for industrial applications. Among the different types available, the YSCS-XXX stands out as a cutting-edge option with its compact form factor, exceptional performance, and adaptability to harsh environments. YANSEN’s YSCS-XXX CFast card offers a reliable and long-lasting storage solution that satisfies the diverse needs of industrial professionals.


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