How Other Kinds of Processing Affect This Food

How Other Kinds of Processing Affect This Food


Water is the only compound that expands when it freezes. A water molecule is shaped roughly like an open triangle, with an oxygen atom at the center and a hydrogen atom at the end of either arm. When water is frozen, its molecules move more slowly, and each hydrogen atom forms a temporary bond to the oxygen atom on a nearby water molecule. The phenomenon, known as hydrogen bonding, creates a rigid structure in which the molecules stretch out rather than pack closely together, as normally happens when a substance is cooled. An ounce of frozen water (ice) takes up more room than an ounce of liquid water.

Home water softeners that filter out “hard” calcium carbonate and replace it with sodium may increase the sodium content of tap water by as much as 100 mg per quart.

Medical Uses and/or Benefits

The body uses water in and around body cells and tissues to regulate body temperature; create blood, lymph, and body secretions; digest food; dissolve and circulate nutrients; eliminate waste; and lubricate joints.

Fluoridated drinking water provides fluoride ions that are incorporated into the crystalline structure of dental enamel, hardening the tooth surface and making it more resistant to bacteria such as Mutans streptococcus, a type of bacteria that live in sticky dental plaque, digesting sugars and excreting acidic material that eats away at the tooth. To obtain the most protection, the American Dental Association says children should drink fluoridated water from birth through the eruption of their permanent teeth, around ages 12 to 13

Water bulks up stool and moves it more quickly and easily through your body; a glass of warm water first thing in the morning stimulates gastric juices and exerts a mild laxative effect. Relief from stuffed nose caused by cold or seasonal (mold, pollen) allergy. Warm beverages loosen mucous, making it easier to clear your nasal passages.

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Heatstroke is a medical emergency caused by dehydra[1]tion resulting from the failure to replace fluids lost through excess perspiration. Drinking adequate amounts of water while exercising or working in a hot environment reduces (but does not entirely eliminate) the risk of heatstroke. NOTE: Alcoholic beverages and caffeine[1]ated beverages are mild diuretics; drinking them increases your loss of wat

Mineral waters are natural mild diuretics and because they contain sodium bicarbonate, naturally antacid. Any kind of water, taken warm about a half-hour before breakfast, appears to be mildly laxative, perhaps because it stimulates contractions of the muscles in the digestive tract

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