JINPENG Company: Transforming Urban Delivery with Electric Cargo Trikes

Jiangsu electric cargo trike, the global leader in electric trike motorcycle manufacturing, is driving a transformation in urban delivery systems through its dedicated research, development, production, and sales of electric cargo trikes.

Greening Urban Delivery

JINPENG Company’s electric cargo trikes are leading the charge in green urban delivery. By offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional delivery vehicles, they contribute significantly to reduced emissions and traffic congestion in urban areas.

 Powering Efficiency with Battery Innovation

At the core of JINPENG’s success is their continuous innovation in battery technology. Their electric cargo trikes feature state-of-the-art batteries, providing impressive range and fast charging, ensuring swift and sustainable deliveries.

 A Global Vision for Sustainable Urban Logistics

JINPENG Company’s impact is not confined to China; they are fostering sustainability worldwide. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships, they are promoting electric cargo trikes as a solution for greener urban logistics on a global scale.


As cities seek sustainable delivery solutions, JINPENG Company’s visionary approach, coupled with innovation and global initiatives, positions it as a driving force in the electric cargo trike industry. With JINPENG leading the way, the future holds promise for reduced emissions, efficient urban deliveries, and a cleaner environment.


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