Ledia Lighting: Versatile Strip Lights for Commercial, Industrial, and Architectural Lighting Solutions

Strip lights play a crucial role in commercial, industrial, and architectural lighting solutions, providing versatile illumination options. Ledia Lighting is a trusted provider of strip lights, offering a wide range of options, including silicone LED strips and neon flex lights, to cater to diverse lighting requirements.

Ledia Lighting’s Silicone LED Strip Lights

High-Efficiency COB Series for Superior Performance 

Ledia Lighting’s silicone LED strip lights, particularly the high-efficiency COB series, are renowned for their exceptional performance. With a CRI90+ and up to 120lm/w efficacy, these lights ensure excellent color rendering and energy efficiency, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.

Versatile and Waterproof Options for Diverse Applications

The silicone LED strip lights offered by Ledia Lighting are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s office, residential, retail, or decorative lighting, these strips provide the perfect lighting solutions. Additionally, Ledia Lighting offers waterproof options such as IP20, IP65, IP67, and IP68, ensuring durability and performance even in challenging environments.

Ledia Lighting’s Neon Flex Lights

Eye-Catching and Creative Lighting Solutions

Ledia Lighting’s neon flex lights are designed to create eye-catching and creative lighting solutions for architectural and decorative purposes. These lights add a unique and vibrant touch to both indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall ambiance and making a lasting impression on viewers.


By choosing Ledia Lighting’s silicone LED strip lights and neon flex lights, businesses can enjoy the benefits of superior performance, versatility, and customization options. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, or architectural lighting solutions, Ledia Lighting is committed to delivering high-quality products. Partner with Ledia Lighting and experience the transformative power of strip lights in your lighting projects.


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