Unfolding the Essentials: The Significance of IP Rating in Foldable Scooters for Adults

In the ever-evolving world of adult commuting solutions, foldable scooters for adult have established themselves as a versatile and convenient choice. As users seek reliability and durability in their electric scooters, the importance of an Ingress Protection (IP) rating cannot be overstated. In this blog, we delve into why IP rating matters for foldable scooters and introduce QMY’s foldable gem – the QMY TK2. With an impressive IPX4 rating, the QMY TK2 exemplifies the commitment to providing a reliable and resilient riding experience.

Is IP Rating Important for Foldable Scooters?

Water and Weather Resistance: Foldable scooters often find themselves exposed to various weather conditions during daily use. An IP rating, especially one denoted by the IPX4 classification, ensures a level of protection against splashing water and light rain. This feature becomes crucial for riders who may encounter unexpected weather elements during their commutes.

Enhanced Durability: The IP rating doesn’t just shield the scooter from water; it also contributes to overall durability. Dust and debris resistance are integral components of IP-rated devices, ensuring that the scooter’s internal components remain protected from potentially damaging elements, thereby extending its lifespan.

Reliability in Challenging Environments: For those navigating through urban landscapes, encountering puddles, wet surfaces, or light rain is not uncommon. An IPX4-rated foldable scooter provides peace of mind, enabling riders to confidently navigate diverse terrains without worrying about the impact of moisture on the scooter’s functionality.

Introducing QMY TK2 – High-Speed Scooter for Adults

QMY’s QMY TK2 is more than just a foldable scooter – it’s a commitment to durability and performance. Let’s explore its key features:

Max Range: Cover a substantial distance with a maximum range of 37km (23 miles), making the QMY TK2 an ideal companion for daily commuting and recreational rides.

Max Speed: Experience the thrill of high-speed commuting with a maximum speed of 35km/h (21mph). The QMY TK2’s dual-drive 500W rated power ensures a powerful and dynamic ride.

Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 36V/9.6Ah battery, the QMY TK2 strikes a balance between power and endurance, ensuring a satisfying ride while maintaining a compact and foldable design.

IPX4 Rating: The QMY TK2 sets itself apart with an IPX4 rating, making it resistant to splashing water and providing enhanced durability. Navigate confidently through various weather conditions without compromising the scooter’s performance.


QMY’s QMY TK2 not only embraces the convenience of foldability but also raises the bar with its IPX4 rating, ensuring riders experience a reliable and resilient commute. As you unfold the QMY TK2, you’re not just unveiling a scooter – you’re embracing a commitment to durability, performance, and a riding experience that stands up to the elements. Elevate your commuting adventures with the QMY TK2, where reliability meets speed in a foldable design crafted to redefine urban mobility for adults.

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