Unleash Nighttime Vigilance with ieGeek’s Battery Operated Night Vision Security Camera

In the quest for uncompromising security, ieGeek takes the lead with their Battery Camera ZS-GX3S With Panel, a battery operated night vision security camera. Gone are the days of limitations – welcome to a realm where non-stop power and crystal-clear night vision converge to redefine the after-dark surveillance experience.

Non-Stop Power: Up to 180 Days of Uninterrupted Vigilance

They’ve engineered a powerhouse within a compact frame – ieGeek’s Battery Camera ZS-GX3S With Panel, comes equipped with a built-in battery capable of delivering up to 180 days of relentless monitoring. No more worrying about power outages or cumbersome wiring – they’ve got it covered.

See Clearer at Night: Night Vision up to 33 Feet

They understand that threats don’t adhere to daylight hours. Enter the night vision prowess of ieGeek’s security camera – a visual feast in the dark. Capture important features like faces or license plates in full color, with night vision extending up to an impressive 33 feet. They’ve turned the night into your ally, ensuring nothing escapes your watchful eye.


In the realm of nighttime security, ieGeek’s Battery Camera ZS-GX3S With Panel, is a true standout. They’ve seamlessly merged non-stop power with cutting-edge night vision, offering a surveillance experience that goes beyond expectations. With up to 180 days of battery life and the option to upgrade with the ieGeek solar panel for perpetual power, they’ve crafted a solution that truly empowers you. See the night clearer, see the threat sooner – that’s the promise of ieGeek. Trust them to illuminate the darkness and safeguard what matters most.


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