What is Over/Under Cheating? Learn About Popular Types of Sic Bo

Over and under is no longer a strange concept to Sic Bo players. There are many different tricks shared online. They all have one purpose, which is to manipulate the results to benefit the user. To understand more about this trick as well as other types of over/under tricks, please follow the following article of Nhacaiuytin.

What is bluffing?

When it comes to over/under tricks, players will imagine incorrect tricks that do not have a green element in the game. Cheating is similar to cheating in gambling, using tricks to achieve personal benefits. Using tricks does not ensure fairness and is not the civilized playground that everyone wants.

In the past, swindling was mainly done by unreliable bookmakers and fraudulent casinos to trick players. They use extremely sophisticated equipment and tools that cannot be detected by the naked eye. Can be installed in the position of the shaker, on the lid of the disc, etc.

Using bluffing tools also helps control the desired outcome, ensuring the house always wins more. However, the tricks are now more widely known. Players are not easily fooled, and also use tricks to beat the dealer.

What types of dice tricks are there?

As shared, there are many types of dice tricks introduced online. The following are the most common, sophisticated and commonly used tricks Summarize!

Cheating over and under with a mobile phone

This form of phone cheating is used a lot by players at online casinos. They will use pre-programmed applications and software to make changes or know the results in advance.

If you are interested, you can also find dice cheating applications widely sold on forums for several hundred thousand. This is a fairly common way of cheating that veteran bettors use when playing at online bookies.

Usually, fraudsters will use software to interfere with the house to hack the results. However, swindling by phone can only be done at low-quality bookmakers with no technological guarantee. As for reputable bookmakers, with multi-layer security installed, access will be detected and blocked immediately.

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Use high technology

Besides dice on the phone, players can also apply it through high-tech devices. We can mention a number of machines such as sound result reporting devices, cameras, change discs…

Cheating devices are both used for online play and can still be applied to traditional games. Technological deception devices are increasingly sophisticated and change frequently to increase effectiveness.

Cheating over or under is no loss

This is a form of deception that is said to be traceless, allowing players to use it with confidence. This is the latest trend in the gambling industry today. Many veteran bettors have recklessly used this form of deception to make money quickly, making it difficult for the house to detect them.

Symptoms to detect cheating

Obviously, when deception is used, there will definitely be signs to notice. So how to detect it, specifically as follows:

Seeing that the coin is shaky or shaking

One of the indispensable things to use this form of Sic Bo trick is the Sic Bo card and the vibrating alarm. In many trick casinos, the method of shaking Sic Bo beads will be used because the device can be used within a radius of 10 meters. So the person shaking will shock, another person will control the vibrator remotely. This way you can easily control the results.

Besides, Sic Bo seeds are made from special ingredients. When you crack the coin, you won’t see anything unusual. But when combined with a vibrating detector, it can accurately receive and transmit information. Therefore, players will not be able to detect it with the naked eye.

Attach the Camera to the under cover

This is a specially designed device, possessing a tiny camera inside, along with a treasury ball with vibration alarm to help the dealer easily observe the results. In particular, the over/under set also minimizes possible technical errors. Therefore, the possibility of an incident occurring is very small.

Over/Under bluffing with the control disc

Another form of dice that players may know is the control disc. The control disk includes 1 control disk, 1 controller and 1 charger. The device application is very simple with an operating range of over 10m.

Players just need to put 1 over/under seed on the disc and then use the controller to get the desired result. This makes it impossible for opponents to use any playing method to win.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing Sic Bo?

Using forms of dice brings many advantages, however there are also disadvantages. Specifically:


The advantage of using dice tricks is most clearly seen in efficiency and the ability to win. When using tricks successfully, players will gain huge profits.

Another plus point of the over/under trick is that players will not have to invest in in-depth research. Because when playing dice, everything is taken care of by the machines and equipment. Your job is just to operate carefully and use it delicately so as not to be detected.


Besides the outstanding advantages that bluffing brings, when using tricks, there will still be disadvantages. The first thing to mention is the high risk. Although you can win a large amount of money, it is unstable and there is a risk of being exposed. If you are caught red-handed, you will lose all your money and face serious consequences.

It can be seen that current dice are very diverse. There are many ways to do it, many devices to support. At the same time, players are also more sophisticated in their use, so it is increasingly popular. However, you should be cautious when using it, and choose to play at the same time Online Tai Xiu website Reputable so you don’t get scammed.

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