Characteristics of Frog Eye Chicken – Treasure of Cockfighting Brothers

Fighting chickens are classified into many different breeds, among which frog-eyed fighting chickens are indispensable. This is the cock that many people are most interested in today because it has outstanding characteristics. What are those characteristics? Let’s find out in the article below Trang chủ New88 Please.

General information about frog-eyed chickens?

Frog-eyed chicken always one of the most popular fighting cock breeds on the market, not only possessing extremely good fighting ability but they also have a beautiful appearance, easily attracting attention.

Basically, frog-eyed chickens are chicken breeds that have sparkling eyes, slightly bulging and large like the eyes of a frog. Their highlights are their cunning, cunning, flexible attack and defense.

Characteristics of frog-eyed chickens compared to other fighting breeds

Thanks to its outstanding characteristics, the frog-eyed chicken quickly became the fighting cock of many people. However, if you do not know correctly, you may be deceived or buy the wrong chicken breed. Below are some outstanding characteristics of frog-eyed chickens that you can refer to:

  • General appearance: Frog-eyed fighting cocks have a relatively large appearance, strong muscles, sturdy and strong legs. With pure black feathers, they are also called umbrella chickens, sometimes a few small white dots will appear. Observing their gait, you will see that they move quite slowly but still have a certain flexibility without being slow.
  • About eye color: In addition to large, slightly bulging eyes, frog-eyed chickens also have brown eyes with prominent black irises. The edges of the eyes have many black spots, arranged in circles, exuding sophistication and intelligence.
  • Eye shape: Eyes are larger than normal chickens, slightly protruding but not completely protruding outward. The eye shape is round and bright. If you encounter chicken eyes that protrude a lot, you should be careful.
  • Eyelids: Unlike other chickens, frog-eyed chickens have quite dark and clear black around the eye rims. Therefore, they look a bit more ferocious than usual, this is also a great advantage that helps this chicken be trusted to choose to fight.

In addition, frog-eyed chickens are often confused with ruler-eyed chickens, however these two breeds have many completely different differences. The most prominent is the eye color, ruler-eyed chickens have yellow eyes, yellow irises with a bit of red, and frog-eyed chickens have dark/speckled black irises.

Classification of popular frog-eye chicken breeds today

Frog-eyed chickens are also divided into many different types, each breed will have its own characteristics. The most commonly seen are the following 4 varieties:

  • Wet umbrella chicken: The characteristic of this chicken breed is that it has shiny black feathers, with a slight blue tint, so when looking at it, it feels shiny as if it were wet. Besides, they also have some characteristics such as ivory, yellow beak or white feet.
  • Black chicken: Similar to the wet chicken, this chicken has jet black feathers but is not shiny. They have a very aggressive fighting style, are graceful and flexible, and are especially persistent to the end.
  • Ostra chicken: Compared to the above two chicken breeds, Oo mo chicken is a bit different. In addition to the usual black feather color, they also have many white spots. Normally, yellow-legged/white-legged black-legged chickens will have better fighting ability.
  • Purple chicken: Purple chicken has a color quite similar to the regular purple chicken but will be less red and more black. Red feathers are concentrated on both sides of the horse’s feathers, they fight fiercely, persistently and attack strongly, especially the yellow-legged purple chicken breed.

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Should we choose frog-eyed chickens to fight or not?

On the market today there are countless different fighting breeds, so choosing is also becoming more difficult. The question that many brothers are most interested in today is whether to use frog-eyed fighting cocks to fight or not?

Frog-eyed chickens are fighting cocks capable of striking and knocking down opponents at a fast, neat speed. They are also ready to attack and fight in all circumstances with the ability to kick high and ancient objects. When attacking, they will strike suddenly, causing the opponent to be surprised and unable to defend.

Even in a weak position, frog-eyed chickens still appear to be very stubborn, stubborn, even aggressive and somewhat aggressive. Although not too tall, this cock knows how to turn its weaknesses into advantages to dodge attacks flexibly. That’s why they are always loved and chosen by cockfighters for important matches.

On the other hand, frog-eyed chickens are also very easy to raise, have few diseases and are not picky about food, you just need to focus on clean food sources, making sure the cage is dry and hygienic. If you own this cock, you will definitely have a great chance of winning.

However, frog-eyed chickens are currently quite rare, and the price is also higher than other breeds. To own them, you need to go to highlands and have to spend a fairly high cost.

Above is general information about frog-eyed chickens, characteristics and popular classifications on the market. If you want to know more related news and knowledge, please follow along New88 to be updated from today.

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