Fish shooting algorithm and important information you should know

Fish shooting algorithms are pre-installed programs in the fish shooting game. Understanding the calculation formula, members can significantly increase their winnings and chances of hitting. Dealer Trang chủ New88 will send players detailed information on this topic so that you can optimize your hunting most effectively.

General information about the fish shooting algorithm

Fish shooting is a game with extremely simple rules, just hit the target and you will receive a reward. However, winning big in this entertainment field is not a simple or easy thing to do.

Any fish shooting product operates according to a certain pre-programmed algorithm. To win a lot of money, players need to clearly understand the rules of the algorithm.

Once you have figured out the rules of the game, you just need to apply them in real combat and make money. The fish shooting algorithm will help members conquer the ocean world easily and rank up quickly.

Many people think that just shooting lots of bullets will defeat sea creatures. However, this is not always true and will cause an unfortunate waste of resources.

When you have the algorithm in hand, you will know how to balance the appropriate ammunition source for each fish species. From there, you can destroy many targets and save a significant amount of bullets.

Algorithms you should know in fish shooting game

To become a fish shooting expert, players need to clearly understand the algorithms of this game. Any fish shooting game will comply with the following programming principles:

Fish shooting algorithm for scores

Each sea creature in the fish shooting game will correspond to its own score. Depending on the color, size and rarity, the algorithm will determine the score for each fish species.

The higher the score, the more bullets the player needs to use to defeat them. Small sized marine creatures will be programmed from 2 to 10 points.

For average fish species, the fish shooting algorithm will assign a score from 10 to 100. There are also special targets with large sizes, which rarely appear with scores up to thousands.

Algorithm for fish swimming speed

The fish shooting algorithm also has the ability to program the swimming speed of each sea creature. Even though they appear at the same time, some will swim fast and some will swim slowly.

Normally, small fish will swim faster, and larger fish will swim slower. However, there are still cases where large fish swim fast or small fish swim slowly depending on the algorithm.

Weapon shooting algorithm

With a diverse number of fish, the algorithm in the fish shooting game will also program a rich arsenal of many types of weapons. Members can use bullets of different strengths as appropriate.

In case of shooting small fish, you can use normal bullets which is enough to kill them. However, if you want to destroy big fish, members need to use special weapons programmed into the game.

Besides ammunition, the fish shooting algorithm also designs many other modern weapons to increase its appeal. Typical examples include Speed ​​Cards, Summoning Cards, Freeze Cards, Power Grid Cards…

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Fish shooting algorithm: Each fish species has its own characteristics

The algorithm in the fish shooting game will program each fish species with a unique characteristic. Each marine creature here is a different individual in terms of color, size, swimming speed…

Therefore, the amount of bullets to destroy them is also very diverse, no two animals are the same. The reward rate table for each species will be clearly published by online bookmakers in the game. Members will rely on that to calculate bonus points and decide whether to put the target in their sights or not.

Programming fish shooting to the playing area

Any fish shooting game will have an algorithm for the playing area for members to easily choose. Normally, the system will program three basic areas for beginners, experienced people and fish shooting experts.

These playing areas will be given different names such as Novices, Ambassador’s Path or Supreme Palace. The algorithm in the fish shooting game will program the payout rate of each area. Anglers should choose the appropriate level depending on their wallet as well as their experience in shooting fish.

Understanding the fish shooting algorithm, members can confidently participate in battles and win money at any entertainment platform. If you are looking for a quality fish shooting house, give it a try New88, guaranteed not to disappoint you.

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